Was PyeongChang 2018 games a success for TOP on social media?

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The PyeongChang Winter Games were the most successful games in the history of Winter Olympics. The games were also significant from a political perspective with North and South Korean nations fielding one team.

The games reached out to newer audiences by global broadcasting partners like Eurosport on television and online. PyeongChang 2018 was the most watched winter games online, which created millions of conversations across multiple social networks globally.

For the ten partners, the games were ideal to engage with their audiences, to earn the ROI for the investments done in sponsorships, but how did the Ten Olympic Partners (TOP) perform during the games?

Highlights from the TOP digital initiatives  

Alibaba – The top performer

Alibaba was the best performer among the ten partners. They amassed 458,505 Likes, 20,000 comments and close to 5,000 shares on their official Facebook page.

Their engaging communication resulted in close to 60,000 new followers on Twitter and 582,000 new followers on their official Instagram.

The biggest follower growth, however, was seen on their Facebook with a staggering 6 million new Likes.

Intel – Newbie with an impact

Intel was the newest member of the TOP group. Intel made 321 posts during the PyeongChang 2018 games resulting in 9.35 million views and close to 9.70 million interactions across their social networks.

The biggest win for Intel was their Facebook video of the Falcon8+ drone, it was the most popular post during the Olympics by a brand, the video received 1.64 million views.

Car Wars – The Three-way battle between Toyota, Hyundai, and KIA

The automobile category saw the biggest competition amongst the TOP group members with Toyota winning the race on social media.

Toyota’s social media posts received 5.70 million views and 6 million interactions, which was more than Hyundai & KIA together combined.

Just to share a glimpse from their performance comparison, here’s a snapshot of average interactions/post between the partners:

Toyota’s average interaction/post was 20,600, whereas KIA’s average interaction/post was 15,145 and Hyundai’s social media received 12,300 average interactions/post.

Mc Donalds – A wasted effort

Mc Donald’s posted 4436 times (most number of posts amongst all TOP members), however, they received the lowest total interactions (701,000) amongst the TOP group. They also received the lowest interaction/post amongst the TOP members with 158 average interactions/post.