The Tennis Racket Explained in Numbers

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Just before the Australian open a major Tennis scandal was reported and it was by far the best piece of sports investigative journalism in modern day sports. The sports betting scandal that has rocked the world of Tennis was very aptly titled ‘The Tennis Racket’ and was exposed by Buzzfeed and BBC.

The tremors of this scandal were felt even during the ongoing Australian Open 2016 when all bets on a particular mixed doubles match were suspended when the male player declared retired hurt.

But how exactly does the betting scandal work on in Tennis? And what are the origins of the tennis racket?

So, here is how the scandal unfolded – Buzzfeed investigative reporter John Templon spent 15 months analysing 26,000 matches from 2009 – 2015 studying the pattern of the games using big data analytics, John targeted matches in which betting odds moved a lot and derived a conclusion on what is known as the biggest fixing scandal in Tennis which was orchestrated by betting syndicates from Italy and Russia.

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Below is an infographic that explains the tennis match fixing in numbers