Ten stats that prove IPL is the most engaging sports league in India

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Sports leagues are booming in India, but which is the most engaging sports league in India?

No prizes for guessing, it has got to be Indian Premier League followed by Pro Kabbadi League and Indian Super League. Before Indian Premier League – 10 kicked off, there were talks about a cricket fatigue was doing the rounds, however, numbers don’t lie.

Indian Premier League has taken the pole position in fan engagement, with fans following their favorite teams and players across multiple social media platforms, communicating via mentions, comments, reactions.

Consuming live cricket on digital devices has been on a rapid rise in India. Hotstar, Indian Premier League’s official streaming partner clocked up 130 million viewers this season.

Following are Top Ten fan engagement facts and figures from this year’s Indian Premier League season, that prove it is the most engaging sports league in India.