Seven signs that prove eSports are the future of sports

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What is popularly known as video games has evolved over the years going from consoles to LAN to now online with technologies like cloud computing and today’s millennial world, video gaming is not just a pass time but slowly and steadily turning into a profession. It’s not gaming any more professionally it’s called eSports.

What is eSports?

eSports is nothing more than playing video games but professionally. Popular games like DOTA, Counterstrike, League of legends, FIFA and NBA have become a mean for gaming enthusiasts to make a living with big prize pools made available from amateur and professional competitions that happen across the world.

Who are participating in eSports?

According to a recent PwC report on eSports, typical eSports consumer is young, racially diverse, tech-savvy and often female. According to PwC, 22% of women say they’re involved with eSports versus 18% of men. While the difference is relatively small, it indicates an early trend that women may be just as, if not more, engaged with eSports than their male counterparts. Read Full Report Here

Will eSports attain the status of pro sports?

To get a fair answer to this question it’s important to understand the structure and economy of pro sports. The business of pro sports comprises of the following few elements:

There is an audience for it – Every pro sport has a live and televised audience, does eSports attract the same?

Broadcast deals – eSports events are live streamed with millions of viewers all over the world, but are there big name players involved in broadcasting deals?

Sponsorships – Are eSports events attracting sponsorships from big brands who sponsor sports?

Talent management – Are eSports players/teams professionally managed like pro sportstars?

Incentive to play – Do eSports tournaments have enough prize monies?

The bigger question is that is eSports creating an ecosystem around it? The following infograph will clear the questions above and more.

For detailed report on eSports growth in 2016 and beyond please read Newzoo’s Global eSports Market Report Here

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