Premier League’s 2019 media rights explained

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The value of the Premier League’s overseas broadcasting rights for 2019-22 has risen 35 per cent to £4.35 billion, ensuring that the League’s overall rights have gone up in spite of a fall in the value of the domestic market.

Growth continues in the European market

According to the Sports Business Media, four of the five largest percentage increases in this rights cycle were in Europe, as the Premier League’s popularity on the Continent continues to increase.

The Premier League’s broadcasting rights in Denmark and Portugal have gone up 2X from the 2016-19 cycle.

65% – Growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Combined territories) and Spain.

Mixed business in Asia

Between 34% – 61% decrease – in broadcast rights in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (Combined market) and Hong Kong.

£535 million – Value of the broadcast deal in China.

12X – increase and the highest of any overseas market. However, the current rights for China were sold in late 2016.

Premier League yet fails to attract serious revenues from digital streaming

Amazon successfully managed to win the streaming rights for matches in the UK.

Facebook submitted winning bids in Thailand and Vietnam, but the deals didn’t go through because Facebook and the Premier League could not resolve some contractual details.

Here is our infographic with ten interesting facts about Premier Leagues global media rights:

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