Online sports consumption in India 2014 Part 1- Consumption pattern

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Sports consumption has evolved over the years and technology is playing a major role in influencing change in consumption of sports all over the world. Technology and communication are re writing the rulebook in how sports is consumed in India making brands take notice of what fans want, what they do, what they will do on newer mediums like smart phones, tablets etc.

Mobile internet penetration has been a major catalyst in the growth of online sports consumption in India and its steadily growing and within a year or two will over take television which is still the number one source of sports consumption in India.

In this 3 part series I deconstruct online consumption of sports in India and compare it to other countries like USA, UK, Brazil and China (Other major sports consuming countries).

The source for this data is Know The Fan – Global sports consumption research done in collaboration between Perform Sports, Kantar Media and Sport Business (Sports Publication).

In Part 1 infographic I focus on Patterns of sports consumption in India covering information on most followed sports in India, how fans consume sports, how fans catch up on sports and what devices they use to consume sports.

How the data was collected 

The size of the sport following in the sixteen markets surveyed in 2014 ranges from 65% of the adult population in France (representing approximately 33m people) to 93% of the internet connected population in India (representing approximately 93m people). The largest sports fan market surveyed is China, with upwards of 281m sports fans, whilst the UAE represents the smallest sports fan market surveyed, with over 3m sports fans. Combined, the total sports fan population across the sixteen markets surveyed represents upwards of 1bn people.