Ten Interesting Facts about the 2017 IPL media rights bid

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Fourteen companies going into the official bid process with Star India winning the IPL global media rights from 2018-2022 with a consolidated bid of Rs 16,347.5 crore (Star were the only bidder who submitted a global bid)

They will be the official rights holders for 5 years, paying close to half a billion USD per year to IPL. However, if you break down the bid process into individual categories you will notice:

Indian Television Sub Continent Rights

  • Sony took on Star and actually outbid them. (sticking to their word of beating Star’s bid)
  • There were only 2 bids in this category.
  • A major player missing from this bid was DSPORTS. They had expressed interest and even said they are willing to take on the big boys (Star and Sony) early this year but were missing.

Indian Television Sub Continent Rights

  • This category was the most competitive category with 5 bidders in the fray to win the digital rights.
  • The biggest surprise was Facebook* bidding INR 3900 Crores for digital rights.
  • The lowest bid (surprisingly) was by Star. In the long run, Star seems to be the real winner acquiring digital rights in a global bundled deal.
  • In my opinion, IPL has missed out on achieving a wider reach by not partnering with Facebook.
  • Some of the big players like Amazon, Twitter, ESPN Digital and Yahoo did not opt to enter the bidding process.
  • One interesting observation was BAMTech had picked up the ITT, however, they were disqualified from the process for missing out on documents. 

We have summarised the IPL media rights in an infographic below: