Five key learnings from Facebook’s global sports fan report

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We came across Facebook’s report titled ‘ The changing profile of sports fans around the world‘ and it had some interesting insights into how sports consumption is changing amongst digital savvy fans globally.

Here are the top five key learnings from the report:

Mobile consumption is on an upswing – Facebook’s survey revealed that globally there was a 3% increase in sports consumption on mobile devices. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) recorded the highest growth (9%) whereas there was a 7% growth in the APAC region.

Non-Sports fans watching sports is fuelling the rise of sports content consumption – the study shows that nearly 1 in 5 people on Facebook watch sports online despite not self-identifying as a sports fan. Nearly 60% of sports fans on Facebook say they watch sports online, and this goes up to 77% among all surveyed people on Facebook. This nets out to a few million additional people actually watching sports online who didn’t consider or identify themselves as sports fans.

Rise of female sports fans – The gender divide between male and female sports consumption on Facebook is narrowing. Globally, nearly 80% of women surveyed say they watch live sports online or in person, not far behind 90% of men who said the same. The report shows that in the MENA region the Male/Female percentage was skewed towards Males (61%) and Females (39%) and the most female sports consumption was registered in Latin America with a close 51%-49% (Male-Female).

Football (Soccer) continues to be the most watched sport on Facebook –  The report suggests that football was at the number one position in 33 out of 40 countries surveyed, the exceptions being the US (American football), India (cricket), Austria (swimming), Canada (ice hockey), the Philippines (basketball), Taiwan (badminton) and Malaysia (badminton).

Second screen consumption can lead to newer advertising strategy – Brands that sponsor sports content on television can benefit by planning adverts on Facebook during the sports broadcast creating meaningful extensions. Read more – Here.

Here is our infographic highlighting the five key learnings from the Facebook sports fans report

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