Digital Asset based promotions – Value additions to Sponsorship plans

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Traditionally pro deals, “B” team or second team sponsorships, on-site sponsorship programs, Newspaper and magazine classifieds and sponsoring of local athlete’s are the most popular alternatives to sponsorships. These alternatives are more or less existed for many years and are not unique any more.

Today we live in very advanced technological world with easy to create digital assets across social networks with an ability to push out messages to people across the Internet – this sharing feature of social networks has opened up newer opportunities for athlete – sponsor relationship.

Here are Top 5 additions to your sponsorship proposal to prospective sponsors:

1. Branding opportunity on athletes/team Facebook page: Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network in the world today. Creating Facebook fan pages is very easy and does not require expensive coding. Some other advantages of Facebook are:

It allows you to put up photographs on profiles – Profile photos in 200X650 pixels can be utilized for sponsor branding.

Content Sharing – Inviting people to like the page and share it with communities is another feature that can be used to push sponsor messages.

Photo/Video sharing – Is the ultimate feature which allows sponsor branding and message dissemination.

If you are technically and design conscious you may go a step further and create a highly optimized landing page driving traffic to your sponsors website.

2. Branding opportunities on Twitter: The unique ability of Twitter is that it allows users to use the background of their profiles and at the same time it allows message streaming – a feature to push out sponsor messages.

3. Broadcasting on You Tube: Be it live event broadcast or tailor made messages, interviews with sponsor specific content- You Tube as a channel is a very attractive proposition to any sponsor. Creating videos content using a home camera putting together clever content that can benefit your sponsor is a great way to get that lucrative sponsorship from your local sponsor.

4. Photo sharing on Flickr: Photo sharing and commenting is one of the top activity people like to indulge in when they are online. This offers an exciting proposition to a prospective sponsor. Sports events at any level has a good audience turnout and if photographs of an athlete/team are shared on a free Flickr account can be an added bonus to your sponsor. An advanced Flickr account will be beneficial because of its analytical ability – but will cost $24 extra.

5. Contributing to sponsors corporate blog: blogs are a part of all corporate websites these days. This allows you as an athlete to write special blog posts on tour sponsors blog. Guest articles related to performance on field and relationship with performance at work/boardroom is just one example of what you can pitch to your sponsor. Incase your sponsor does not have a blog you can value add by writing on your personal blog and/or create a new blog for your sponsor and write 1 article a week as a service offering.

So, if you are a small team or an individual athlete looking for sponsorship do consider the above points for your sponsorship proposal or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or email to discuss the same.