Cricket in the USA – Is there market potential for the game in America?

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Ever imagined a pro cricket league like major league baseball in the USA? It may be a far-fetched reality, however, other aspects of cricket do have tremendous scope in the USA.

The proof is in the pudding

The West Indies cricket board scheduled one of the T20 games from recently concluded India’s tour of the Caribbeans in Florida. This game had tremendous interest from the Indian community. Tickets started from $50 and went up to $250 and it attracted a full capacity of 20,000 odd fans.

Fans want serious cricket 

Remember the All-Star Cricket Legends tour The 3 city cricket tour where veteran cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne, and others demonstrated their skills to cricket hungry fans in the USA. The series was received very well in its first game in New York attracting 36000 fans, however, the numbers fell as the tour progressed with Houston attracting 27000 fans while the game in Los Angeles attracted 21ooo fans.

How CPL is contributing to cricket’s growth in the USA 

Caribbean Premier League leads the way in popularizing cricket in the USA with $1.4 million investment in developing infrastructure at the Central Broward Regional Park with investments in floodlight positioning and putting up a giant screen in the 20,000 seater stadium in Florida where CPL games are played every season.

Here is an infographic with a few other reasons/facts why I think cricket has market potential in the USA.