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How to create a winning digital content strategy for global fan engagement

The broadcast and internet boom has changed the way sports are consumed globally. Sports entities have newfound fans outside of


Online sports consumption in India 2014 Part 3 – Consumption via social network platforms

I would like to conclude my blog series on Online Sports Consumption in India with Part 3 and final Infographic


Online sports consumption in India 2014 Part 2 – Consumption frequency and content

Part 2 of the Online sports consumption in India report focuses on consumption frequency and what kind of content is


Online sports consumption in India 2014 Part 1- Consumption pattern

Sports consumption has evolved over the years and technology is playing a major role in influencing change in consumption of


Should India Sports Administrators undergo a Fit and Proper test?

Common Wealth Games 2010, Delhi – The scam that shook the nation and probably the whole world was a master


Digital Asset based promotions – Value additions to Sponsorship plans

Traditionally pro deals, “B” team or second team sponsorships, on-site sponsorship programs, Newspaper and magazine classifieds and sponsoring of local


Indian Football: For heavens sake stop blaming it on cricket!

Recently I read an article titled ‘ Why doesn’t Indian football move ahead?’  and was surprised to read that the